Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Yesterday I woke up to snow. Well, a powdery dusting of powdered sugar was applied to my yard- just cold, white and wet enough to look like snow but not enough snow to actually be of use to my kids… No sledding or snowmen, but cold enough to stick around for the whole day. Cold enough to add that extra chilly component that, were the day to forget what kind of weather it wanted, it could look to the snow to add that extra chilly reminder.
I feel like I should be adjusted to the weightloss permanent sweater weather syndrome. I mean, I’ve heard other people say that it takes a while for your body to adjust to having less insulation, but this is ridiculous! And I thought that it would be kind of charming, you know. Skinny girls are always cold, it would be nice to be chilly because of my lack of body fat, right? Oh my! Get my sweater! I’m just so tiny, petite and cold all the time… It’s not even a tiny bit charming. Then PMS just makes it worse for some reason and, like, highlights the fact that I feel so cold that I can’t stand it anymore, so I warm up in the bath/shower/hot tub, get redressed and start the cycle of colding up again… It’s like I’m in a video game and I just watch my cold meter change from red to blue as the cold takes over my body!
And I am already shivering again. LOL! I feel like I’m turning blue! I’m constantly feeling the prickle of goose bumps. Last year I got cold, too, but this year the cold seems exceptionally bad. Last night I found myself in ‘pajamas’ that consisted of fleece pants, over-the-knee-high socks, a long sleeved t-shirt, a sweatshirt, infinity scarf and a touque-hat. Dressed for outdoors IN the snow, but I was just chilling with bad 1980’s space movies (Spaceballs!), a blanket and three people pig-piled on me in our rumpus room… And I was still cold! It’s a lot like having a fever when at every turn you get a shiver, a chill and dive for the blankets preemptively for fear that the cold will reach your core.
That said, I totally pick this, every time, over being heavy again.

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