One year ago today:

Today I started back at work.
On this day, last year, I made the commitment, with Bradley, to start taking walks again. I wanted to enjoy the air with my kids. Feel the weather. Discover caterpillars, smell blackberries, get sticky with sweat… Walks have always been a part of our lives. Before we had children we were twice daily folk. After kids, a few times a week. There have been busy times where we don’t walk for weeks, but we always come back to the ritual of our hound on leash, kids running ahead, falling behind…
And laughing. There’s usually a lot of laughing.
But, today marks a year of walking in my grown-up, settled-down-finally neighborhood. Last year I remember the days growing shorter, then, illuminated by the glow of holiday lights, we would rehash our days and draw together again, hand in hand. Winter came and, with it, the rain. But more importantly, I started running. I’ve spent a year on the streets of my neighborhood, racked up well over 250 miles on my sneakers and discovered that my limitations are much different than I thought they were. My family banded together over fitness and athletics like a superhero team. Life on these streets has been amazing.

Happy anniversary to us. Life is better and we are so much healthier one year later.
I wish us many happy returns.

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