And…  Scene!

A few nights ago we were discussing birthdays.  Specifically, mine and Guinevere’s as we share the blessed month of October as our birth month.  Guinevere and I are making a super duper cool Harry Potter themed planner for her to use for the remainder of the school year.  For this, we need a color printer, so in July I started campaigning for one.  They’re cheap, often free, the ink being the most expensive part to purchase…  I hinted…  I waited…  and finally I kind of blew my gasket. I spat at him that I couldn’t make my gift for her, as I had no printer.  He asked, kindly, if I would like an early birthday gift to which I saucily retorted that I would not, if it were a printer.  A printer is like a vacuum cleaner, and who wants an appliance for a birthday gift?  It stung in that way that stung me as deeply as him and I instantly regretted being so needlessly nasty.  He shyly told me that one would be on my doorstep in three or four days time if I wanted it and I suddenly thought of a million projects I’m dying to do, which need a color printer.  Like these candles.  I’m so making a set of these when my color printer gets here.  For my birthday.  I apologized and confessed my fantasy printer life and things returned to happy normal Lj life.

Tonight I turned and asked him if the Bowflex is accessible in the garage.  It’s been off limits to me for weeks because my birthday is lurking somewhere in there.  I thought we could throw a sheet over whatever it is and I could start working on my arms, shoulders, back and chest.  He asked me if I wanted an early birthday gift and, with stars in my eyes, I suddenly realized he was hinting that he had purchased a free weights set!  He looked back at me, baffled, and said, “My wife.  Who is this woman?  A printer is an appliance, but free weights are a gift?!”  Nope.  He was just offering to rid me of the inconvenience of my gifts sitting in the garage/spaceship/workout space and was allowing an early birthday.  I opted to find a different workout, for now, and a surprise, come 10/29, thankyouverymuch.  But, HA HA HA!

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