And… done!

Another year is done. I spent Monday tying up loose ends with report cards and my classroom, Tuesday I was saying goodbye in class to my students and colleagues, and Wednesday found me whooping it up with my students at my house after Gigi had her last day of school. It was a short week but an insane week. Now life can resume… Kind of. We are hoping that my certification stuff can be wrapped up soon. THEN the summer can officially begin.
I have not run since last week. I was having hip issues again, then I was prompted by the busy week to just take it easy. I’ve gained two pounds. At least I think I have. The good thing about gaining two pounds that you’ve recently lost is that, if you do it fast enough, usually you can ditch the weight pretty quick. I’m hoping for that.
I have big designs on a five miler tomorrow. We’ll see what the body can pull off after taking the week off! Week off of running I should say. I was actually a pretty good kid with the weights, though, and completed two workouts since Saturday.
Tonight was a reminder of the Lj summers. After the party guests left we hunkered down for some Mario Kart madness, then out came the tickle bugs and wrestling and the iron claw and Toothless the flying dragon. It was terrific fun in the spirit of summer. Here’s how we ended our night:


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