I got on an airplane this morning. In the past, the airplane was like an instrument of torture. The whole process of getting on and off of one was challenging enough. Not only did I have to squeeze my extra wide hips down the aisle while managing a toddler and a carry-on suitcase, I also had to navigate the seatbelt, hoping against hope it would contain my girth, hoping against hope that I wouldn’t have to ask for a seatbelt extender! My biggest fear, always, though, was that they would ‘Kevin Smith’ me and force me to purchase an additional ticket to accommodate my mass. It never happened, but it was a real fear founded in authentic airline policy based on authentic passenger space needs. I get that, but ouch and blush! It is funny to think of all the extra worries I carried with me along with my extra weight.
This morning was great though. I fit on the plane and in the seat with 7-8 inches of spare seatbelt hanging out. Pretty awesome. On top of that, Bradley and I were able to share a carry-on suitcase this time. My clothes are small enough now that I have plenty to wear with room to spare, so the Lj’s only brought three bags this time round!

It’s no secret that that my midlife crisis has been founded in the exact boy band that propelled me into adulthood. It’s been one year since I saw them live in the Tacoma Dome last year (how 1989 does that sound?! Lol!) and my adoration hasn’t waned one bit. They played Vegas last weekend, accompanied by an NKOTB flight (the fans and talent all in one flying container!!), pool parties and after-parties galore. Of course, they posted all of this to twitter and Instagram and OMGosh! How bad did I want to be there?! How sad was I that I didn’t pony up the 2000 it would have cost to see them in Brittany’s theater? Very. That’s how sad.
I was a sad little Blockhead as I felt like the only Block Nation member who wasn’t in Vegas rubbing my face against the elevator door emblazoned with DDubs gigantic face on it, passing out with exhaustion in the hotel hallways or seeing them doing their special thrusty/grindy moves that they have down pat so beautifully. Sigh.
Maybe next year they’ll make their way the the beautiful PNW again and I can pony up 400 instead of 2000. 🙂
To be clear, I’m not sad in a whiny entitled way, just in that way that I realized how hyper-aware I was that I was missing out and I didn’t know how much I really did want to go!
You may be wondering why you are hearing about these men – yes, a ‘boy band’ full of 40+ men, these days, but ‘man band’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it- now, when you thought you left that back in 1993, but I feel like Shazam isn’t just about my weight and fitness. It is focused there, for sure, but if I only talked about fitness and nutrition, nobody would wanna read that! At least I wouldn’t often! I’d be all like. “Boooring.” I feel the need to know as much as possible about the bloggers I read and hope you feel the same. 🙂


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