The Weekend

I’m proud of this weekend. I’ve been afraid of running, as I mentioned. Running indoors too much coddled me and made me soft with my hill-free running in front of the television. On Saturday we decided to kick that bad thinking pattern to the curb and I picked a 3.2 mile route that is one giant loop. There would be no option of stopping when we came by the house. This was a real run, and wanna know what? I ran my first mile in 10:19. The others were slower, but I was pleased to see I could still pull a faster mile. Later that day we also took the kids and dog for a walk. All-in-all it was a super day!
The next day, we invited a few friends to the track for a run, and I got to run with my friend, Esther, who I am running the half marathon in June. She was full of fire on Sunday morning, so she was better than television and the 2.5 we did before my groin started to pull few by faster than I would have thought!
It was a great weekend for both exercise and celebrations- yep! That’s a few times now that I’ve seen myself under 204! The low end of my range is 203!!! Woot!

I included this because sometimes I forget how blue my eyes are! This was my ‘on my way home, baby!’ Text from Friday. 🙂

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