A Day of Awesome

Today we found a coupon in our inbox to OCB so we went to a buffet for breakfast. A buffet. We ate more than our fair share, I’m sure, but I did pretty well this time. Lots of fruit, a salad even. There were also eggs and potatoes of course, but I didn’t go nuts. I was a good kid. That said, it’s 8:00 as I’m writing this and I’m still not hungry. We ate at ten this morning. Talk about sticking to your ribs! HA!
We got home and needed to run. It was an imperative. We headed out and, to my surprise, we kept a better pace than yesterday by 50 seconds. That was pretty rewarding, considering this run was hard and yesterday I felt like I was flying. I’ve come to realize how much I love running with Bradley, now. It was a difficult thing for me in the beginning, but now that I can talk while we run I look forward to our runs like I used to look forward to our walks where we would unpack our days, talk and catch up. It’s been lovely, and the miles fly by when I’m distracted by not only the view, but the excellent conversations. I’m a lucky girl.
Today while we were running, a woman complimented us. She said she sees us out all the time, that we are just so good and consistent. Yesterday, as we were running past a grandpa who was outdoors with his brood he asked me why my husband always runs ahead? I answered that I like to chase him and he creates a nice motivating view in front of me! He laughed and we continued on!
My purpose in telling this story is because we have noticed how antisocial people in our neighborhood are. People avoid eye contact, cross the road, stare ahead, and, for the most part, ignore the presence of another human at all cost! Bradley and I hate it, so, of course, we say hello to every person we run near as we go around. We think it’s our duty to be present in our neighborhood, to foster friendship, safety and community. One way we can do that is to say hello. It would seem that we are making progress if people are reaching out to us now. Pretty cool!
After that I was awesome craftilicious mom. My daughter is having a circus-rainbow-Katy-perry-candy themed birthday party (I know, right?!). We made this frame, a punch box and finished an incomplete art project we had started over the summer.

Lastly, I found these atrocious mom jeans, all painted up with puffy paints by yours truly in 1990. Yep, you’re looking at genuine pants I wore in high school. And they fit. Color me triumphant.

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