Well, I did it.  I went and turned 42.  It’s so odd to be this old, to be twice 21!  I celebrated my second 21st birthday last night!  My parents were in town earlier this week and they took us out to eat for my birthday, then we went out again, last night, to my very favorite place: Epolo in Edmonds.  They do an amazing job with diversifying vegetables.  They are where I get a lot of my own inspiration for how I cook my own food at home, and last night was no exception.  While I don’t always just adore everything I eat there, each time we go, we try something new and different.  It’s an adventure of a different kind.  Last night we tried grilled radicchio with a cheese sauce and roasted tomatoes.  It was bitter, surprising, something I’m not sure I’ll eat again, but a marvelous adventure.  In addition to the radicchio, we had burrata with basil and tomatoes, squash flatbread, pan seared calliflower and grilled Brussels sprouts.  Our waitress brought our food out in courses so we only used a tiny appetizer plate.  Our kids were shocked that they filled up from eating off such a small plate.  It was a lovely meal with lovely company, which made turning 42 not so bad after all.  Add to that the spoiling that my sweetheart second graders gave to me and my birthday turned out to be rather excellent.  🙂

Today I got to try out one of my birthday gifts. Bradley bought me a Garmin vivosmart!  It’s one of those wristband deals that connects via Bluetooth to my phone for a handy dandy little app.  So far I’m a little lost.  I’ve had to watch a bunch of YouTube videos to gain a deeper understanding of how the thing functions, but so far so good.  I’m already wanting to prove up to myself by pushing steps and distance,  I think it’s interesting how as soon as I put a counting device on, I generally get s lot more active.

Regarding this week’s goals, I have to confess to a pretty big goose egg.  I did not even come close to meeting them.  There was an event on Sunday that I attended where I ended up getting upset, speaking out, feeling like we made up and then I just sat uneasy with the outcome.  There’s been a shadow on me all week.  After my parents left, I just felt worn out.  My birthday looming ahead of me, conferences all week and pms just made me kind of dig my heels in stubbornly, and I didn’t do much of anything for my health except fall asleep early and drink lots of caffeine. It’s funny, though, that now that my birthday has passed I suddenly feel scads better.  Today was a half day so I came home and Bradley and I went for a nice run in the pouring dumping down rain.  It was wild, chilly, brisk and exactly what we both needed.  Tomorrow I’m planning to Zumba at a special Halloween event with my instructor, I plan on running on Sunday and I am going back to Zumba on Tuesday and Friday of next week.  I’m excited.  My run today woke me up and I’m ready to go!

There’s a three year difference here.  I can’t believe how much those little kids have grown!

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