It’s kind of fun to look at my numbers a different way. Today I was watching The Biggest Loser and they were talking about total percentage of weight lost. I got to wondering- would I be a contender?

Turns out that I wouldn’t have won anything, but 38% definitely would have put me in the running. Cool, huh?
I’m keeping it short and sweet tonight. I have a long work day in that my students are singing their little hearts out about colors to their parents so I need to turn around and head back out about now. I haven’t worked out either yesterday nor today, but I’ll catch up tomorrow. There’s a dance at my school and I’m gonna shake it! 😉
I came home from the musical and rode e elliptical for 30 minutes and Bowflexed for 15. I’m dealing with anxiety again and really need to do everything I can to get some solid sleep tonight!

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