240- AGAIN (but just for a sec)

I have been really been struggling lately. I know I’ve talked a little bit about recommitting to things, being better about diet, being more consistent with exercise, but I haven’t talked about what has had me in the tailspin.
First, you should know that within two weeks of hitting 229.8 (for about 37 seconds) I bounced right back up to 234. Then it became 237. Then I hopped on the scale a week ago and it said 240. 240! I couldn’t believe it! I knew that I was stressed, that I had PMS, that I wasn’t sleeping well- all of those things… But I was still running, hitting weights somewhat consistently and still staying within my calorie allowances. But I SERIOUSLY gained a full ten. I was pissed. Livid. And confused as all get out!
How was this happening?
Well, four days after day one of my cycle and four days after the start of warrior weeks and guess what?! It was eight pounds of water! Today I started out weighing in at 238- I was pleased. By the time I finished my run this afternoon – and ate and drank normally all day, mind you- I weigh a comfy 232.

I haven’t posted a sweaty faced run picture in a while. I know what my fans want, so here you go- sweaty faced Tamara.
Today it was only about 73 but the humidity must have let up or something because I really enjoyed my run. I never had a panic moment. I never ran out of breath. It was perfect! I took off and never stopped until I was back home after 2.8 miles. I was pleased with that. My mileage was only around 12:00, but when I took my pulse I was in fat burning zone heaven. Hopefully I will see some changes in the next few weeks. I would SERIOUSLY like to end the summer out of the 230’s!

I took this picture last night while I was watching the fireworks bloom. I decided to be one of those fools who takes a picture of the explosion, so I held my camera in the air and started clicking before I realized I had the camera flipped to me (it’s an iPhone- just as a reference point) and caught this. I love it because it’s the rare surprise candid selfie and I look so happy in it.

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