210 Again

I’m so happy to report that this morning I awoke to find myself weighing in at 210.8! I’m finally back at the weight I saw on December 24th. You would think I would have learned my lesson in 2012 when I gained 20-something pounds and had to spend the next several weeks burning it off. Then I did it again this year too- when I went from 210-227 in two days over Christmas. I spent almost six weeks getting rid of that 17 pounds! I hope I never see them again. Here’s hoping I can sail on past 210 and have an excellent warrior week, starting today!

I celebrated the return to 210 with 40 minutes on the elliptical followed by a solid altitude rich walk that is about 1.8 miles and the last .8 climbs 350 feet. With my goal to gain some footing on the virtual Grand Canyon I very intentionally chose that walk. It’s a pretty awesome workout. I love the way it works out my thighs- the backs of them have that delicious sore/achy feeling that implies a good workout. I also was able to get enough steps that I beat my Hawaii race! My mii is now the proud owner of a Hawaiian shirt. H ha! While I hoped to get to my weights today, I decided to forgo them. I’m tired from a lack of sleep last night. I’ll hit them had tomorrow since it looks like any working out will be indoors. Why, you ask?

It started snowing tonight!

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