Today I measured my 201st mile since I started tracking my mileage! It is so impressive to me that I’ve run well over 200 miles since March!*. Who would have thought I’d be talking about having run over 200 miles in six months? Not me, for sure. (pats self on back then gets down from her podium.)

-one more thing: I did not look like that in those exercise clothes a few months ago.
I was right about my students- they’re dreamy and awesome. I’m looking forward to a great year in both my career and weightloss. The former certainly effects the latter! I know I’m going to be 225 by my birthday. I’m consistently 228-230 these days, which is a wonderful shift from 232-236! It’s funny how a schedule makes all the difference in the world for me.

*There’s a fair number of hikes and runs that didn’t make it into my Strava tracker for one reason or another.

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