Today was day two of Zumba. I’ll admit to not being terribly enthusiastic this time until I saw that we had gained two more people from work, Kristi and Tanya, and all of the sudden the party was back! Mostly I was just tired from the long,long, loooooonnng week. Little did I know that it only takes a few moments of Zumba before one is sold on it all over again. There was a different instructor this time and she was way more into hip-hop and really fast, quick shifting, booty shaking moves. If I thought I fell behind on Tuesday, today made it certain that I’m not someone who easily picks up dance moves and routines! I tell you what, I’m watching and counting and just getting lost and trying so hard and just getting lost some more! I’m so grateful for my supportive comrades who continue to tell me I’m doing it with grace and dignity… Ha! I know that over time I would eventually pick up the routines… And I kind of want to be the person who knows all the routines… But I don’t know, still. It costs a lot and I hate to buy in and fail to use it or something. I’m such a wimp. Lol. Bradley just told me to stop agonizing and do it already. 😉

The two best parts of Zumba today were the hip-hop song part where our instructor shared a new song and routine that she planned on incorporating into a new class that starts next week. We were in a squat position for much of it, raising a weight and going up at down. The instructor had nice, big thighs, and we all know how much I want to fill in my saggy thigh skin with nice, big, muscular thighs, and I realized that squats are a path to that end. So, you’ll see me squatting a bit more from now on.
The other part I liked was a point during two songs when we got to free step, or whatever it’s called when suddenly during a dance one gets to choose what to do… At one point we literally had to kind of stop to wave and swirl our hands in one another’s faces. Since there were a whole bunch of us newbies there we didn’t know quite when to stop (at least I didn’t) or wave and all of our timing was off and we were whirling around waving… It ended up being a pretty funny moment!

I got home, ate dinner, hopped on the sale and weighed 197! Switching it up definitely helped me out this week. I lost two pounds and am feeling pretty good! I’m always under 200 pounds when I have weighed myself over the past few days and that is definitely a new thing!
We topped off the night by laying on my kids’ school’s gym floor for the duration of Big Hero 6. It was super fun for some, headache inducing for some, a wrestle and fart-fest for some, but definitely something interesting that happened in our life. I couldn’t hear the movie nor see it well, so I chatted and caught up with a friend of mine who is abandoning the coolest state in the union in a few weeks to move to Philly. I’m glad we went but I’m not terribly excited about repeating the experience.

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