June Already?!

It’s been a good week. I didn’t have a big plan to improve the situation or anything… The situation being too busy to actually work out at all. I was sick and just plain busy and, quite honestly, freaking out that it had been two whole weeks without a work out. On Monday I’d had enough. I wasn’t feeling like a big workout was necessary, but I did take my Martha-Dog on a nice walk. I listened to tunes as we walked a few miles and then we stopped to take selfies.
I know, stupid, right? But my Martha is going to be 13 years old on June 20th and I adore her. She was my first baby; she was the baby I had when I couldn’t have a baby yet. I luuuurve her. So selfies with one I love seemed to be in order. But she’s such a goof. You put your face next to hers, hold the camera out and all of the sudden she’s bashing you with her forehead and looking skyward. So cute. Sorry to gush about my geriatric puppy. But also not. In dog years she’s in her nineties so I am going to gush all I want.

When I looked forward to my week, I realized that it’s another pretty impacted week, so I got online for the different 24 Hour Fitness gyms in my area to see where there were classes that fit my times. I ended up choosing two classes at my very own gym! I Zumba’d yesterday with two friends. We all commented that we were feeling a little down and felt like a workout would improve our collective moods. It worked. Then today I tried out a new weightlifting class, set to a Guns-n-Roses soundtrack, I kid you not. It added a whole new component to working out, lifting in rhythm to Axl Rose. Honestly, though, it was pretty awesome. It didn’t feel like a whole lot in the moment, but I’m feeling it in my thighs and arms big time, now. And at one point our instructor said that if we were doing it right then sweat would be dripping off of our elbows. At that very moment I felt a drop skitter down my arm and drop to the floor. It was a total moment or pride. I also got a compliment on my form and I love a compliment. Pretty stinking awesome. As we were beginning to leave, we heard that there was a Zumba class starting immediately. In walked our friend, Christina, so Julie and I stayed around for 15 minutes to experience a different instructor with her. Well, I left after 15. Julie stayed and kept shaking it when I headed out. She’s such a powerhouse. Anyways, it was really fun and I would have loved to stay the hour, but I have a family. Jobs to do. Husband who wants smootches. I can see how people become gym rats. The combination of community and endorphins is pretty addictive. The instructor of this Zumba class, Fernanda, was a lot of fun. She was pretty straightforward and repetitive which, for me, was really nice. I don’t do well with all the fancy moves that change up a lot, frankly. I’m a terrible dancer when it comes to choreographed, synchronized stuff. It’s nuts. But I really like it anyhow. 🙂
When I got home I weighed 193.4.
I made this to celebrate:

My post-workout, sweaty mug. 🙂

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  1. Lesleigh A

    I love your blog and reading about your day to day struggles. I lost 70 lbs and have gained back about 15. I’ve been in a rut and have been thinking about taking some classes at my gym. I love reading about your experiences with the gym. I’d LOVE a weight lifting class to Guns N Roses! How cool would that be?! Keep up the good work! And good writing!

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