I think it’s safe to say that I’m hitting my stride again. Officially! We ran the big loop without a second thought or even a side stitch. I’m so glad that fitness returns easily, as long as you don’t let it get too far away from you, I suppose. My first run this week was a doozy. I wasn’t even a mile into it and I had to sit on the sidewalk and rest. I had some weird stomach cramp that was determined to cause me strife and I was a little worried, but this most recent run made me feel good- like I can hit that six miles and beyond very, very soon! Tomorrow I’ll do a three or four miler to see how that goes. I’m excited to be running again! I always feel strong, capable and in control of my life when I have a solid running streak.

Yesterday I finished up my root canal. I was very worried about it. The recovery from round one was awful. I frequently felt as though someone had decked me in the jaw! It was really painful! Getting back into that chair was really hard for me. I had a lot of anxiety and actually I cried as he was giving me the anesthesia! However, as the anesthesia wore off later that night, I had almost zero pain! The root canal worked! Yahoo! I’m one happy girl now!
We finally have buttoned up our loose ends enough that life seems like it can resume now- my back is healed, our apartment rented, my root canal complete, my classroom has been moved and I even think we know when we are going in vacation! It’s like we can start running and hiking and having an actual summer now! We’ve been putting off making any plans until we got our ducks in a row, even what we’re doing to celebrate Independence Day! No worries, we are creative people with good friends and sparkling personalities (we’ve got fireworks- the good kind- can we come over??) who will welcome us with open arms, I’m sure (yep-lots of fireworks!).
As long as we bring a lighter.
Have a safe and fun celebration tomorrow!

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