We bought our WiiFit Meters with the intention of just kind of seeing what kinds of numbers we keep, activity-wise. I have to say, they made us really cognizant of all of our activity. They really allowed us to see what we were doing versus what we thought we were doing.
Mostly, for me, I think that I walk a lot more in my day to day life than I actually do. I only take between 4000-6000 steps per day. It takes about 2000 steps to make a mile, so it takes an intentional run or walk at the end of the day to make my goal of 10,000 steps.
The other day I was reading at Runs For Cookies about how Katie took a challenge to make 10,000 steps per day for a month. She was kind of laughing about how difficult it was to make the goal, how tired she was. I started laughing because I thought that 10,000 steps was what I was supposed to get! I started researching and found out that my average was pretty average for American women. In other countries, more steps are way more common. I suppose living in such a vehicle-rich society lends itself to fewer steps. So, while my goal was a bit out there for my culture, it still seems like a reasonable milestone for most days for me. I’ve met it most days, I just need to keep being intentional.
I took last week off. It was an interesting experience since I seriously just went off plan. I didn’t diet, I didn’t exercise, I didn’t think about it much at all. For a couple of days I worried that I was embracing going off track a little to well, but then I started noticing that I wasn’t actually having th at hard if a time. I wasn’t overeating and my food choices were reasonable. In fact, when I weighed in yesterday I was half a pound down, and even briefly saw my Dietbet goal of 207.
I realized that if I hit the diet and exercise hard for March, April and May, I should be in the 180’s by the time summer hits. That would feel pretty amazing. The last time I was in the 180’s, I was 17 and about to go to the prom in a size 12 dress. Wouldn’t that be amazing if I could fit back into my prom dress for my promiversary in May? Hmmmm… Unofficial goal made. 🙂
I was all prepared to make a running goal this week. I realized that I lose weight best when I’m running, so I want to re-assert my efforts in that area. We went for a hike yesterday (hence the photographs). It was slippery and intense and re-activated my lower back issues. Today, even though I was a teensy bit sore still, I decided to go for a run and to do the hill. We did both and after I got home, my neck started hurting so much that I feel like I’m going to throw up! Ack! So, my goal was to take at least two more runs this week, but not if I feel this way. I’ll have to wait and see…
I hope I feel better tomorrow or the next day. Then I can get things rolling again and can get some of this excess off my belly!

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